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Petrol Masonry Bench Saw


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Product Documents

Product Documents

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Petrol Masonry Bench Saw

The BBC BlockBuster Compact Masonry Bench Saw accurately cuts all masonry materials including bricks, blocks and slabs. It combines the performance of a full size masonry saw with convenient portability. It has a rugged jig-welded frame durable enough for even the heaviest work load. Standard rear wheel dolly design and removable legs make transport and setup easy.

Machine can be fitted with 14″ abrasive or diamond cutting discs.

  • Sloped front water pan allows complete control of step pedal and bracing knee, as well as clearance without injury.
  • Unique tilt-locking cart wheel design keeps conveyor in place with less shifting and smoother push/pull.
  • Stay level blade guard allows for full depth of cut.

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Norton Clipper – BBC Blockbuster


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