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Petrol Flail Mower


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Petrol Flail Mower

This high performance flail mower is designed to tackle the worst possible cutting conditions in heavily overgrown areas.

It is very easy to use and the powerful Honda GX270 engine has 3 working speeds. With a very useful travel speed it makes moving the machine from storage to working area much quicker.

Other features include a differential that can be locked to help with manoeuvrability when working on uneven terrain and unlocked to assist with on the spot turning, and steering brakes to help with operating larger heavier attachments such as the hay rake.

The 65cm Flail Mower has 28 heavy-duty free swinging blades with a tapered cutting edge so it will effortlessly cut and mulch the toughest vegetation in one pass.  The wide open front ensures that vegetation reaches the blades whilst a full width steel rear roller prevents unnecessary scalping of the ground.  The cutting height is easily adjusted from 2cm to 10cm depending on the type of finish required.

The Flail Mower is the the perfect machine for those areas that are just too much for the average mower and will easily tackle overgrown grass, weeds, brambles etc.  It is ideal for both contractors and domestic users.

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