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Floor Glider


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Product Documents

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Floor Glider

The Floor Glider is a Sander, Edger, Finisher and Polisher “all in one” which can be used over a variety of surfaces. It uses random orbital technology which means it’s generally less aggressive than traditional belt sanders giving the users more confidence and control when preparing wooden surfaces.

The machine is fitted with four velour backed random orbital pads which makes the changing of the abrasives discs simple and stress free. With only seconds required to change the discs, valuable time and effort is saved on completing the overall job.

Fitted to the back of the machine is a micro fibre disposable dust bag which collects the dust preventing it becoming air born elevating the need to seal windows and doors.

Application include: Parquet, Antique, Block / Engineered, Timber, Softwood type surfaces and an ideal alternative to a power washer when needing to prepare external wooden decking or staging.

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