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CAT – Cable Avoiding Tool


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Product Documents

Product Documents

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CAT – Cable Avoiding Tool

This reliable cable avoiding tool is used to locate buried cables and metallic pipes and help prevent costly and potentially deadly cable hits. Twin differential antenna technology plus sophisticated signal processing techniques provides rejection of unwanted signals and accurate locate response for effective operation in congested sites, and sites with overhead cables.

Operating Modes

  • Power: Detects the radiated emissions from a live power cable
  • Radio: Detects the energy of ambient VLF signals reflected by underground metallic objects such as pipes and metal sheathed cables
  • Active: Detects a specific high frequency signal that is injected into the cable or pipe by a dedicated transmitter unit (GENNY3 ). This is the best option for high accuracy location
  • AvoidanceScanTM Mode – This powerful mode, allows the user to search in Power, Radio and Genny modes simultaneously for improved safety and faster surveys
  • StrikeAlertTM – Alerts the user to shallow power cables (upto 300mm in depth) by flashing an alert icon and audio warning on the display


  • Auto switching backlight minimises the effect of poor lighting conditions and allows the continued use of the RD2000+ into the night
  • Real sound – the sound you hear is derived from the signal radiating from the cable or pipe, helping the user distinguish the signal from random background noise.
  • Large controls for finger tip operation even when wearing gloves
  • Rugged Waterproof construction
  • Detachable loudspeaker for use in noisy conditions
  • Battery powered with battery indicator – operating from just two D cells gives maximum use at minimum cost. In addition it also creates compatibility with the Genny3 batteries minimising the need to carry so many batteries

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Radiodetection – CAT CD

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