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12″ Electric Grinder / Disc Cutter


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12″ Electric Grinder / Disc Cutter

This electric grinder / disc cutter is for cutting reinforced concrete, granite curbstones, slabs, brick and masonry blocks, as well as metal beams, steel pipes and reinforcing bars. Other applications include:

  • Making preliminary cuts for controlled demolition
  • Cutting and extending openings for windows, doors and shafts


  • Cuts to a depth of up to 12 cm – twice as deep as is possible with conventional angle grinders
  • Greater control: blade rotation guides the tool away from the operator’s body
  • Oil-bath gearing optimized for cutting work
  • Overheating and overloading protection
  • Exact cutting depth adjustment with depth gauge (optional)

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Hilti – DCH 300


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